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Minor traffic offenses include failure to yield the right of way, failure to maintain lane control (driving left of center), making an unsafe movement, running a stop light/stop sign, seat belt violations, window tint violations, improper tires, among many others.  These offenses are classified infractions and can usually be paid without going to court.  Do not pay off your ticket!  There can be severe consequences to paying off a ticket without a lawyer negotiating it with the District Attorney, including increased insurance premiums and license revocations.

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DWI is the most litigated criminal offense in North Carolina.  DWI law is very specific to the offense.  The sentencing laws applicable to DWI are different from all other criminal and traffic offenses.  There are special rules of evidence applicable to DWI offenses.  The General Assembly has a public policy position which makes the prosecution of DWI offenses a priority for the State.

As a result of the special rules involved and the statutory and case law which has developed around this offense, litigation of DWI is very technical.  It is sometimes said that it is easier to try a murder than a DWI.  While this statement might or might not be true in any given case, it communicates the widespread understanding that DWI is a complicated area of the law and that it requires a lawyer with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully navigate its intricacies. 

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Licenses are revoked for several different reasons, including failing to appear in court, failure to pay a fine, accumulating too many license points due to traffic convictions and being convicted of a DWI, a moving violation while the license is already revoked or a subsequent DWLR.  Driving while your license is in a state of revocation is a Class 1 misdemeanor and can carry significant jail or prison time, depending on the circumstances.

The cost of becoming eligible for reinstatement of a license once it has been revoked can be extremely expensive.  High fees are assessed for failing to appear in court, in addition to any court costs, fees and fines which may be assessed.  A lawyer can often mitigate the financial aspects of being convicted of this offense.  The long-term consequences of being convicted of DWLR are great.  A lawyer is absolutely necessary to ensuring you receive the best result possible.

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