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Being convicted of a felony will deprive you of some of the most valuable constitutional rights you have.  Until your sentence or period of probation is served, you will not be able to vote.  The law also prohibits convicted felons from possessing any firearm for any purpose for life.  The longest lasting consequence is the social stigma of being a convicted felon.  Employment is difficult to obtain, which can have the further consequence of preventing you from taking care of yourself and your family.

Felonies in North Carolina range from "lower level" offenses (Class I - Class H), such as:
  • breaking or entering
  • larceny
  • possession of marijuana (more than 1.5 ounces or with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver)
  • possession of cocaine, including with intent to manufacture sell or deliver
  • possession of heroin, including with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver
  • habitual driving while impaired
"mid-level" offenses (Class G - Class E), such as:
  • ID theft
  • Common Law robbery
  • 2nd degree arson
  • 2nd degree burglary
  • certain drug trafficking offenses
  • selling or delivering drugs
  • taking indecent liberties with a child
  • sex offender registration violations
  • assaults inflicting serious bodily injury, with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, with intent to kill
"upper level" offenses (Class D - Class A), such as:
  • 1st degree burglary
  • 1st degree arson
  • armed robbery (robbery with a dangerous weapon)
  • assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury
  • rape
  • sexual offenses
  • murder
There is no such thing as a minor felony!  Every felony is a major offense, a conviction for which will follow you for the rest of your life.  Obviously the higher the class of offense, the longer the possible sentences are and the more severe the possible punishments are, but do not minimize the seriousness of any felony charge.

You have rights which must be protected.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.  We can provide the experienced legal representation you need at this difficult time in your life.

Misdemeanors should not be minimized.  Misdemeanor offenses include serious accusations, such as:
  • assault (simple, inflicting serious injury, on a female)
  • domestic violence protective order violations
  • larceny (<$1,000)
  • communicating threats
  • damage to property
  • possession of marijuana
  • possession of certain other drugs
  • trespassing (yes, trespassing is a crime)
The consequences of a misdemeanor conviction are real and can negatively affect you for a long time.  Employment can be difficult to obtain and the costs can be great.  A person convicted of a domestic violence offense is not allowed to possess a firearm.

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